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Nursery Rhymes are the basics to teach phonics for the kids. Kids learn the rhyming words by reciting the nursery rhymes at home and at school. The rhymes with rhythm makes the kids enjoy their learing. Here you can find the interesting rhymes to teach the kids at their earlier stages of learning. Children keep humming the rhymes always.
»Peter Peter pumpkin eater [20110 Views]
»Once there was a bunny [10829 Views]
»Can you make a rabbit  [6737 Views]
»Five little Easter eggs [5303 Views]
»Kites Go Up  [7942 Views]
»Five little kites [7715 Views]
»Five little snowmen  [8614 Views]
»Five Big Turkeys  [4951 Views]
»Mr. Turkey went for a walk  [4527 Views]
»Five Little Pumpkins  [6074 Views]
»Little Jack Pumpkins [4487 Views]
»Autumn  [5985 Views]
»Five little fire fighters  [5487 Views]
»Ten little firemen  [4983 Views]
»Policeman [8757 Views]
»Brave Fireman  [4560 Views]
»The People in Your Neighborhood  [6310 Views]
»From a window in this house  [3847 Views]
»The Carpenter [4735 Views]
»Baby Kangaroo  [6338 Views]
»Rabbits and squirrels [4418 Views]
»Little Froggy  [5023 Views]
»Five Little Speckled Frogs  [4550 Views]
»Little Green Frog  [4286 Views]
»The Frog  [4940 Views]
»Galloping, galloping  [3881 Views]
»Circus Elephants  [7032 Views]
»Five little elephants  [7435 Views]
»The Elephant  [7941 Views]
»The Zoo  [11019 Views]
»Five Little Chickadees  [5209 Views]
»Pop Goes the Wease [2852 Views]
»Little Bo-Peep [4638 Views]
»Sammy Snail  [5428 Views]
»Little Black Bug  [4380 Views]
»Five Little Piggies  [3992 Views]
»Five Fat Peas  [5385 Views]
»Eency Weency Spider  [5293 Views]
»A Beetle  [3619 Views]
»Little Miss Muffet [4842 Views]
»Fish [6219 Views]
»Five Little Fishes  [6742 Views]
»Ten Little Fishes  [4425 Views]
»Bluebird, Bluebird  [7368 Views]
»If I were a bird [6941 Views]
»Tiny Tim  [7411 Views]
»Two Little Black Birds [5569 Views]
»Five Little Blue Birds  [4975 Views]
»Five Little Ducks [6074 Views]
»Five Cookies  [8143 Views]
»Monkeys On the Bed  [7872 Views]
»Ten Fingers  [6230 Views]
»Three Little Nickels  [4007 Views]
»Three Balls  [5792 Views]
»Here is a Beehive  [6061 Views]
»Counting Apples  [6774 Views]
»Dinosaurs-nursery-rhymes [8779 Views]
»Squirrels  [7239 Views]
»Ten In A Bed  [7622 Views]
»Five Little Birdies  [4732 Views]
»Counting song [6959 Views]
»Five Little Bees [5318 Views]
»Turtles [5909 Views]
»One Little Flower, One Little Bee [13841 Views]
»One, Two, Buckle My Shoe  [10274 Views]
»One Potato, Two Potato [11755 Views]