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Children learn while playing. So it is the parents and teachers duty to make it a fun way to learn things while they play. Everything is a game for a child. Do not differentiate between learning and playing. Teach everything as a game. We have taken much care to give you some tips and play acitivites in this sections. Have Fun and Play and make the child learn. We also encourage our readers to give us ideas on play activities for the kids
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»My Tomato Hanging Garland 
»Bath Salts For Grandma 
»I For Ice Cream - Sundae For The Alphabet Theme Party  
»Special Gift For Motherís Day 
»Make a Clown Pencil 
»Beach Inside A Jar  
»Learn To Read Time - Play Activity 
»Play Activity to learn Counting and Adding 
»Letís Do The Count Down 
»How We Played Animals In Animal Theme Party 
»Come See My Butterfly In The Butterfly Show 
»My 3 Dimensional Evergreen Trees Forest 
»How We Tried To Barbecue Turnips 
»Paint The Fence With Colors Today  
»Play way Motivation 
»Play The Confidence Game 
»The Best Way To Cross The River  
»Learn the The Art Of Group Discussion 
»Attitude of - I Can Do Anything  
»Beautiful Nature Collage From the Waste 
»Make Your own Pinecone Bird Feeder  
»An Educational Nature Walk 
»Colorful Butterfly Wall Hanging 
»How I Played With Alphabets And Hints And Formed Words.  
»How I Learnt The Number Of Parts Of Body 
»How I Learnt Many AT Words  
»How Doggy Found His Bone  
»How I Quizzed Others Who Quizzed Me  
»How I Went Shopping In The Big Mall 
»How I Like Being Kissed And Can Guess Who Kissed Me 
»How I Enjoyed Being The Joker And watching Him Too!! 
»How I Was And Found The Leader 
»How I Wished All A Happy Diwali  
»Did You Like My Happy Diwali Collage Wish 
»Can You Tell Me The Animal I Am?  
»Would You Like To Taste Yummy Tongue Licking Fruit Salad?  
»How We Played Groups - Colors And Numbers  
»How I Learnt To Be Healthy By Fun In The Pool  
»How I Connected Alphabets With Objects 
»What I Did Going Around The Mulberry Bush  
»How I Built My Strong And Beautiful Sand Castle 
»How To Make A Sand Picture Gift  
»How To Make Festive Sand Candles (Ideal for festivals like Deepavali and Christmas)  
»See How I Made A Beautiful Sand Art  
»How To Hop, Skip And Jump Along The Colored Loops.  
»How To Make My Own Spray Painted Bed Sheet.  
»How To Give Your Pedal Car A Weekly Car Wash (Summer Activity)  
»How To Make My Little Recycled Buggy 
»How To Make A Pendant To Celebrate Earth Day  
»How To Make An Animal Collage Game For A Friend 
»How To Wish Good Morning To Mummy And Daddy The Doggy Way 
»My Dancing Puppet 
»Glitters , Colours and Shapes for Preschoolers 
»Sun made cards 
»Birthday Gifts and compliments 
»Find out the objects 
»Fun with Soap 
»Zoo Activity 
»Patterns with Sponge 
»Catch a ball 
»Potato stamps 
»Play activity with pulses 
»Post Office Activity 
»Play with the Mehandi Cone 
»What is the sound? 
»Play with rhythm 
»Make Patterns and Play 
»Photos and Memories 
»Objects Shapes and sizes 
»Jack and Jill 
»Splash of colors - Painting  
»Making Trees 
»Fun with Shapes - 4 
»Kite with shapes 
»Fun with Shapes - 3 
»Fish and Bubbles 
»Make a Fish  
»Make Clowns with shapes - 2 
»Make Clowns with shapes - 1 
»Fun with Colours and Shapes 
»Fun with Shapes - 2 
»Mickey Mouse with shapes 
»Make a Dog with shapes 
»Fun with shapes - 1 
»Arrow with shapes 
»Form Squares with different shapes 
»Identify shapes 
»Paper blimp