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Kids Play Activities

Beach Inside A Jar

Materials Required
* A clean Glass jar with lid * Glass cleaner * Paint pen, optional * Sand * Shells, pebbles, small pieces of driftwood, and sea glass * Thick crafts glue
  • Using a paint pen write the name of the beach where you collected all the shells and other materials.
  • Next put the jar sitting on its bottom or side (as you wish) and pour enough sand got from that beach to cover the bottom of the jar.
  • Put shells, pebbles, pieces of driftwood, and sea glass that you bought as a memoir from the beach.
  • Glue a large shell, a sand dollar and group of shells onto the lid and let dry before putting the lid on the jar.
How Does It Help
* Creativity is kindled to create a beach memoir of the beach. * An ideal homemade summer beach gift to someone you love. * Children learn all about the beach
The child said, Do come home to see the wonderful beach memoir I created all on my own.

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