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Beautiful Nature Collage From the Waste

Materials Required
* Rocks, bark, grass, leaves, flowers, nuts, shells collected during a nature walk in a park or beach. * A card sheet * Gum to stick * Sand to cover picture * Pencil shavings and other creative waste items
How to Do It
  • First draw a picture or a large picture or outline of a picture can be stuck. 
  • Spread glue over the full picture on the card sheet and spread sand evenly over it.
  • Make sure to press a bit to enable it to stick.
  • By applying your creativity skills, use the items collected during the nature walk including pencil shavings and other creative waste items to decorate the picture and form a collage.
  • Decorate at home or gift it to your friend.
How Does It Help
* Creativity and imagination are encouraged. * Good color combination instincts are developed. * Recycling materials and utility of waste are encouraged.
The child told me, " I remember nature and its conservation by the collage I created all by myself."

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babu, babuThursday, June 12, 2014
How to make a collage on nature in hindi

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