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Kids Play Activities

Come See My Butterfly In The Butterfly Show

Materials Required
* Two paper plates * Scissors * Colored Tape or stapler to bind * Paint, markers or crayons * Hole punch * Googly eyes
  • Fold 1 paper plate into half making sure the backside of the plate is inside.
  • Take the other paper plate, cut off the middle strip, discard it and then use the colored tape or staple to bind the half pieces together making sure the eating sides face the inside, the plain side faces the outside.  
  • Next draw the butterfly, punching holes for antennae and sticking googly eyes. 
  • Control your puppet by putting your fingers into the pockets and conduct a butterfly show. 
How Does It Help
* Creativity with artistic bend of mind. * Imagination to conduct butterfly puppet show * Public speaking, confidence and high self-esteem
The child said, "I can be a real butterfly now and fly high with my colorful wings".

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