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Did You Like My Happy Diwali Collage Wish

Materials Required
* A4 card sheet of different colors. * A variety of printed sheets of light and dark colors. * Glue
  • Fold the card in half.
  • Paste a smaller rectangle sheet on the front side of the card.
  • Cut diya shaped pieces (lamps) out of different dark colored printed sheets and flames with light colored printed sheets.
  • Next make good diya and flame combinations and paste them on front of  the card.
  • Frame and write innovative Diwali wishes in the middle of the card and send to friends and relatives. 
One such Diwali wish could be:    
Diwali comes but once a year,
When it comes it brings good cheer, 
 It brings us sweets and savories too. 
 And crackers to burst and enjoy too. 

This type of card can be made for Christmas, Birthday and New Year wishes with changes. 
How Does It Help
* Creativity and Innovation skills are kindled in the child. * Makes the child aware of the importance of personal and self made cards and wishes. * Importance of festivals is enhanced.
It's great to wish others and receive wishes too.

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swani, ludhianaTuesday, October 29, 2013
collage making competettion

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