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Kids Science Activities

Hair Raising and Static Electricity
Materials Required
  • 2 balloons inflated and tied at the end
  •  String
  • Wool socks or a bedsheet
  • Mirror

How to do it

  • Tie a string to each inflated balloon. Then ask your child to rub a balloon on her hair for about 15 seconds. The rubbing should be done on the whole balloon.
  • After 15- 20 seconds, take the balloon away and ask the child to observe in the mirror what happens to the hair. Then ask the child to bserve what happens when the balloon is brought back close to the hair.
  • Next, stand a few feet away from each other and both you and your child do the rubbing of the balloon on the hair. you do it on your hair. Your child shall do it on her hair. The both of your hold only the string of the balloon.Slowly move both the balloons closer. Observe what happens. Do the balloons repel each other, or do they attract toward each other.
  • Give your child a sock to place over one hand. Tell her to rub the balloon with the sock, then let the balloon hang freely. Have her move her sock-covered hand near the balloon. Have her try rubbing both balloons with the sock and then letting them hang near each other. What happens. Observe and make a note.
  • Explain the that this is all due to static electricity.
  • Similarly, after switching off the crt TV, ask your child to keep the hand near the screen.The hair gets raised due to to static electricity.

What is learnt

  • The concept of static electricity.

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