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Kids Play Activities

How Doggy Found His Bone

Materials Required
* An eraser or anything that could be the bone * Number of children. * Chair. * A napkin to tie on a child’s eye.
  • Choose one child as Doggy. He should sit on a chair and be blindfolded with a napkin facing on the opposite side of other children.
  • The other children take the bone and place it anywhere or pass it among themselves.
  • The Doggy's eyes are open and the other children say together, “Doggy Doggy Find Your Bone”. 
  • Doggy tries to find the bone while others enjoy passing or hiding the bone tactfully.
  • Doggy gets 3 chances to guess where the bone is or who has it. Correct guess of the child leads to their interchanging places and the game continues with bone and doggy sniffing the bone out.
How Does it Help
* Child develop perception by ears when blindfolded. * It promotes alertness and shrewdness to observe actions.
Now you are an intelligent doggy to find your bone

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