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Kids Play Activities

How I Built My Strong And Beautiful Sand Castle

Materials Required
* Sand * Some good glue * Sand buckets and spade * Food coloring
  • Mix 3 parts of sand, 1 part of glue with food coloring and make a sticky consistency dough.
  • Then make sand castles by putting sand into sand buckets with spade.  
  • Decorate the sand castle with twigs, shells and other material.
  • Allow the sandcastle to dry for a few days till it turns hard. Then your strong sandcastle cannot be washed away by the strongest of tides.
  • Decorate a center or room with it. Use it as a decoration in your room. 
How Does It Help
* Children learn to make decorative things with sand. * Children understand that glue helps make things hard and can be used for creating decorative items. * Use of new items for make crafts helps make children innovative.
Dear Children Do Not Make Castles In The Air But Build A strong Sand Castle

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