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Kids Play Activities

How I Connected Alphabets With Objects

Materials Required
* 52 children or 2 classes of 26 students each * Cards with the 26 letters of the alphabet (From A to Z) on them * 26 names of object or their picture cards, each of them starting with an alphabet. (Pictures can be given to bigger kids)
  • The cards with letters and cards with name of objects or pictures are mixed well separately. 
  • The children are made into 2 teams of 26 children each.
  • One team is given the letters of the alphabet, while the other team gets the object or picture cards.
  • The children are asked to find their partners who have cards with the starting letter of the object or picture card/have to find the object or picture card of the letter they have with them.
How Does It Help
* It is a fun way of learning alphabet and words. This method can also be applied for number, where a number is written on one card and the number of objects marked on another card. * This play activity encourages social interaction and helps children know more children.
That makes a child A,B,C I can find all words.

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