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Kids Play Activities

How I Learnt To Be Healthy By Fun In The Pool

Materials Required
* Kids in Swim costumes * A swimming pool * Group of children. * A cassette Or CD player * Cassette or CDís with nursery rhymes or songs involving action.
How to Do It
  • Ask the kids to drink enough water before getting into the kids’ swimming pool.
  • Ask them to stand around in the pool. 
  • Play the Cassette or CD's with nursery rhymes or songs involving action and ask the children to follow it and do actions in water. There should be various actions like jumping, bending, clapping, stamping of feet and stretching out of hands. 
  • Allow the kids to mix freely and have fun.
  • Continue this activity for about 45 minutes to a hour on 5 days of the week in summer / weekends.  
How Does It Help
* Children learn to be active and that activity and exercise are good for health. * Children learn social skills and the art of communication with others. * Children understand and learn the meaning of various actions.
That's smart dear: fun in the pool with activity filled exercise.

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