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Kids Play Activities

How I Like Being Kissed And Can Guess Who Kissed Me

Materials Required
A classroom or big group of children.
  • 4 children are chosen as kissers and each one has to kiss an equal number of children when instructed.  
  • The rest of the children close their eyes and put down their heads on the desk if it is a classroom. 
  • The kissers have a gala time kissing the rest of the class/children. 
  • The kissers announce, “Heads Up, Find Out Who Kissed You?”
  • Each child guesses who kissed him/her.
  • The child/children who guess right interchange places with the kissers and the kissing session goes on till the children feel they want to kiss and be kissed. 
How Does It Help
* Children develop the art of perception, quite unique among the blind, finding out people by touch, smell and sound. * Fun being physically loved and loving people, very good for emotional growth.
The child said,"I feel so loved and will love too."

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