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Kids Play Activities

How I Was And Found The Leader
Materials Required
* A group of at least 15 children
  • 1 child goes out and becomes the “Finder Of The Leader”. He/she goes and stands turning to the other side towards the wall. 
  • The rest of the children choose 1 child as the leader. 
  • The leader starts doing various actions, which the rest of the children have to follow.
  • The children make sure that they are prompt in following the leader in doing actions. 
  • The  “Finder Of The Leader” comes and tries to find out the leader by closely watching the other children. 
  • Once the leader, they interchange places and the game continues.  
How Does It Help
* Qualities of leadership are encouraged in the child. * The child learns to be shrewd and attentive in finding the leader.
I am the leader and can spot other leaders too.

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