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Kids Play Activities

How I Went Shopping In The Big Mall
Materials Required
5 or more children.
  • The game starts with the children telling something they bought in a shopping mall. The next child continues saying the first thing and adding something more. The first child could start with,"I went to the Big Mall and bought a pen." 
  • The next child continues, “Lets Go Shopping” to buy a pen and pencil (adds one more word) and it continues. 
  • The game continues and any child who makes a mistake in the sequence or things mentioned gets out. 
  • The game continues until one child is left, who is the intelligent systematic shopper. 
How Does It Help
* Memory power is enhanced and also the art of thinking in sequences. A part of aptitude tests today. * Children learn names of new things that leads to better vocabulary.
The child said, "I am an intelligent shopper and know what shops to go to and when.

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