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How To Make A Sand Picture Gift
Materials Required
* Thick card sheet * White glue * Sand * Food coloring * Spoon
  • Create different colors of sand by adding food colors.
  • Then draw a picture with white glue. 
  • Sprinkle appropriate colored sand with a spoon on the glue. If it a tree sprinkle green color, sprinkle brown for trunk of tree.  
  • Put glue at the center of the picture too and add appropriate colored sand sand. Do it gradually putting glue at one place at a time and color it because glue dries up fast.
  • Finally put the picture aside to dry and brush or shake off loose sand. 
  • Gift the picture to someone dear or decorate it as a masterpiece in your house. 
How Does It Help
* Children realize the importance of wishing others on occasions. * It builds creativity. * Children realize how food colors help in coloring food items. * Builds up artistic intelligence.
That is to a smart creative artistic child.

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fatima, karachiSunday, February 12, 2012
upload some new activities which we can make with coloured sand

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