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How To Make An Animal Collage Game For A Friend

Materials Required
* Different pictures of animals cut out from newspapers, children’s magazines and books. * Glue to stick. * A big Card sheet to make collage.
  • Draw a big circle or square.
  • Make a collage with the picture of animals, sticking them in various patterns. Some animals can have their face exposed, while some others may have other parts of their body exposed. 
  • Allow the animal collage to dry. 
  • Help your child to make instructions for the game.

The instructions should be: 

Many children can play this game and each child can try to identify the animal by the face or any other part of the body. 

1 point can be given for a right answer and the child getting the maximum points is the winner. .  

The child may may gift this animal collage game to another child for his/her birthday.
How Does It Help
* Encourages the child to be economical in gifts. * The child learns to make and play educational games. * The child learns more about different animals. * Creativity and self confidence is high-lightened in the child.
Hurrah! That's to making an informative child.

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Babayato Damilare, ibadanSunday, June 15, 2014
i hope it will be nice

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