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Kids Play Activities

How To Wish Good Morning To Mummy And Daddy The Doggy Way
Materials Required
*A brown square piece of paper *Scissors *Marker or Crayons *Glue and Sticker for eyes
  • Fold the brown square paper along the diagonal (cross way)
  • Fold small triangles so as to form ears along on the 2 ends of the longer side. 
  • Write “Good Morning Mum” and “Good Morning Dad” on the inner side of the 2 ears. 
  • Make the eyes and nose of the doggy with marker or crayons. 
  • Take it and flap it at mummy and daddy to wish them good morning.  

Other wishes like, “Happy Birthday”, “Get Well”, “Happy Father’s Day” can also be communicated. 

How Does It Help
* Builds creativity and imagination. * Teaches the child to start the day in a happy way. * Teaches the child the importance of building good will by wishing people. * Teaches the child the humor of life and positive thinking.
That's to building a creative well mannered child.

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