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Kids Play Activities

How We Played Animals In Animal Theme Party

Materials Required
* Children with animal masks and appropriate dresses. * Big space; a lawn or big uncluttered room for party. * Child with an idea to play the animal part projected.
  • Let the children play about freely with their animal masks and dress.
  • Then each child can come out and behave like the animal they are dressed and have a mask on. They should make noises, say something about the animal, run behind their prey animals and do anything interesting.
  • Every child should be clapped for and applauded after he/she has finished.
  • This play activity can also be done as an animal play where each child acts like an animal.
How Does It Help
* Children learn to role play effectively. * They learn all about animals. * Encourages public speaking and builds up self confidence, self-esteem and motivation.
The child said, " I can play my role best in life."

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