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Kids Play Activities

How We Played Groups - Colors And Numbers

Materials Required
* A group of children * The person who will conduct the game * Music
How to Do It
  • The music is put on and all l the children run about the lawn in circles. 
  • The music stops and the conductor of the game calls out groups of  2/3/4/5….
  • The children have to make groups of the appropriate number. Those who do not make correct groups are asked to leave the game. Also those who do not find appropriate numbers to form groups also have to leave the game. 
  • The game ends when just a few/one child is left. The child/children are winner/winners. 

This game can be played with colors also.  

How Does It Help
* Children learn to socially interaction that is a very important skill. * Children learn all about numbers and colors in an easy way. * Children learn to be alert and attentive. * There is fun with learning They have fun with learning.
See I am a smart child that knows counting and colors well.

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