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Kids Play Activities

How We Tried To Barbecue Turnips
Materials Required
* A group of enthusiastic children, * A medium sized ball, * A medium sized playground.
How to Do It
  • A medium sized circle is drawn in the center of the playground.
  • One child chosen as cook and he/she stands in the middle of the circle.
  • The medium sized ball is the “turnip on the barbecue” and it is kept in the center of the circle.
  • The “Cook” tries to push out the ball by his/her hands or legs’ indicating it is done.
  • The other children try to stop and push the ball back indicating it need more barbecue.
  • Once the “turnip on the barbecue” is pushed out of the circle, the cook and child who is unable to stop him/her interchange places and the game continues. 
How Does It Help
* This gross motor skill game helps children get good exercise by using their hands and legs. * It makes children exercise their brains and think of suitable ways to push the turnip out. * Fun combined with exercise and thinking skills game.
The child said, " I am an expert cook and know how to push the turnip when it is done."

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