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I For Ice Cream - Sundae For The Alphabet Theme Party
Materials Required
* Colored Card sheet, * Cotton balls, * Scissors, * Glue, * Markers or crayons
  • Draw and cut the alphabet I with scissors.
  • Consider this as your ice cream sundae dish and cut number of circles, rectangles and  squares to represent scoops of ice cream.
  • Stick the scoops with glue onto the ice-cream sundae dish.
  • Cut and stick an ice cream on back of dish, decorate with crayons and cotton balls.
  • Display it on the table at the alphabet theme party.
How Does It Help
* Child learns to make items for theme parties. * Children learn all about ice creams by preparing a model. They will similarly learn other things also. * Fun combined with learning.
The child invited all, “Come have ice-cream in the alphabet theme party.”

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mini, chalakudyMonday, April 16, 2012

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