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Kids Play Activities

Learn the The Art Of Group Discussion

Materials Required
* A topic of interest to a group of children and their maturity * A group of young children * An elder acting as a guide in the discussion
  • Fix the rule of the activity that everyone will get a chance to speak and express his/her opinions and others should not interrupt, but express his/her opinion only when the person has finished.
  • If it a game each child could talk about the player he/she likes, which position in the game he likes the most and the reason, besides what he liked in a recent match of the game.
  • Every subsequent speaker can speak and express opinions to substantiate points told by the previous speaker.
  • All children get their chance and the discussion carries on till a suitable conclusion is arrived at by mutual discussion.
How Does It Help
* Builds the art of listening and contributes to effective communication. * Listening helps learn the various views on the topic discussed and encourages healthy discussion * The art of listening cultivates the mature habit of respecting other people’s views.
The child realized when I learnt to listen I became an effective communicator.

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