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Kids Play Activities

Letís Do The Count Down
Materials Required
* 20 Children * A hollah hoop
  • Children pass the hollah hoop around with the accompaniment of a recorded song.
  • At the stop of the song the child having the hollah hoop gets out of the game.
  • Then the children say in a chorus  “We were 20, there goes 1 and we are 19. Who is going to  be the next.” 
  • As the next child goes out they say, “We were 20, there goes 2 and we are 18. Who is going to be the next.” 
  • The game continues till only one is left. 
  • Then all say together, “We were 20, there goes 19 and 1 is left and he/she is (name of  child).
How Does It Help:
* Children learn subtraction in a play way method. * Children also learn to count backwards. * Fun combined with learning
The child said, ďI never knew subtractions was so much fun and easy".

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