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Kids Play Activities

Make Your own Pinecone Bird Feeder

Materials Required
* A big open pinecone with many hinges. * All types of bird feeds like vegetable shortening, lard, suet, oat and corn meal, chopped dried fruit and nuts, sunflower and millet seeds. * A medium sized string.
  • Tie the string to the pinecone and put the bird food all over it so as to cover it.
  • Tie it on a tree branch where you can see many birds and watch what the birds do and how they eat their food.
  • Encourage talking and questioning with the child as they observe.
How Does It Help
* Creativity and imagination are kindled and strengthened. * Building up power of language and communication skills. * Learning about what birds eat, what they dislike and how they eat their food. * Parents can encourage children to eat well too. * Questioning helps a child to satisfy his/her curiosity and learn also.
The child said, " I feel so happy seeing birds eat and have realized I should also be a non-fussy eater."

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