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Kids Play Activities

My 3 Dimensional Evergreen Trees Forest
Materials Required
* Green colored craft paper * Crayons, markers, or tempera paint * Scissors * Clear tape
How to Do It
  • Fold the green craft paper in half and cut it. You should use 2 pieces of craft paper for bigger evergreen trees.
  • Now put the 2 pieces together and again fold into half.
  • Next draw half the evergreen tree opposite to the fold and cut along the lines without creasing the centerline.
  • Make slits by cutting on the bottom half of the center of the tree and the top half center of the tree and slip the 2 trees together into the slits.
  • Stick the bottoms and tops of the tree together with clear tape to stop the the slit ends from flopping over.
  • Make your evergreen tree more attractive by drawing pinecones.
  • Continue making more such trees and decorate your showcase with an evergreen trees to make a forest.
How Does It Help
* Creativity and imagination are kindled. * Children learn all about interior décor
The child said, "Aunty come see my evergreen forest at home."

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