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Kids Play Activities

Play way Motivation

Materials Required
* A paper slip and pen/pencil for each child. * A group of 10 children known to one another (more the merrier) * An adult
  • Each child is given a paper slip and he/she writes his/her name on it and returns it back to the adult.
  • Then  the slips are jumbled and each child is given a slip with the name of a child in it. The child is expected to keep the name of the child a secret from other children. 
  • Then the child has to write 3 positive qualities about the particular child. No negative quality is to be mentioned.
  • The paper slips are given back to the adult.
  • The adult reads out the positive qualities of the child to the group and then hands over the paper to the child.
  • The child can preserve this paper slip carefully and look at it when one is down to feel motivated.
How Does It Help:
* Children learn to appreciate other children’s positive points, which many find difficult. This is productive. * Each child feels great being appreciated for ones good qualities. * This activity instills positive thinking, positive self-esteem leading to positive growth.
The children rejoiced, " We all have good qualities. We have all learnt how to appreciate out friends."

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