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Kids Play Activities

Play with the Mehandi Cone
Materials Required
  • Readymade mehandhi cone which is available in the market or you can make a cone with a polythene sheet , fill it with mehandi or some dough made with either corn flour or maida with some food colour in it.
  • a big paper or a chart sheet.

How to do it

  • Make a considerably big hole in the end of the cone , so that it will be easy for the kid to squeeze out.
  • Spread a chart and let the kid do the remaining drawing with the cone.
  • If needed, you can make different coloured cone with different food colours.
  • Make it dry in the sun. A beautiful art is ready.
  • You can also add some glitter in the dough, so that the drawing is made more attractive.

It is good for

  • Motor skill developent.
  • Hand and eye coordination.

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