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Kids Play Activities

Potato stamps
Materials Required
  • Potatoes cut into half.
  • A knife to cut patterns into the potato (not for children!)
  • Paint colours
  • Large sheets of paper

How to do it

  • Cut a potato into half.
  • Carve a simple pattern like a star or a flower.
  • Dip the potato (part with the pattern/design) into the paint.
  • Now stamp the pattern covered in paint on the paper
  • It is better to use only two shapes and two colours with the children.
  • Encourage your child to make their own repeating pattern.
  • Ask frequent questions "What comes next?".
  • Tell them about "Same and different" 
  • Try different patterns.

It is good for

  • Fine Motor Control
  • Recognising and Creating Patterns
    Language developent.

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Comments on this article
sangeetha, cochinMonday, January 25, 2010
a good activity to do at home.

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