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Kids Science Activities

Salt as Preservative for Mango Pickle
Materials Required
* Pickling material
* Raw mango pieces for the pickle
* Salt
  • Divide the mango pieces into 2 parts and mix equal amount of pickling material in the 2 parts.
  • Next mix salt in the 2 parts, putting salt to taste in 1 part and one and a half times salt in the other part. 
  • Put them in separate jars and mix them separately after 1 week and keep aside.
  • Just note what happens after 2 months. 
What is Learnt
Salt helps in preserving pickles and other items as it makes it inconvenient for the bacteria to survive.
The pickle that has more salt lasts longer than the pickle with less salt, the latter pickle gives a foul odor in 2 months. Salt helps in preserving the pickle. Salt is a good preservative.

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