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Kids Play Activities

See How I Made A Beautiful Sand Art
Materials Required
* Wet sand. * A tray or large flat bowel * Paint Colors * Paint brush
  • Fill the tray with wet sand and make design on it according to your imagination. You may use sticks or paint brush to draw the design. 
  • Fill the design with plaster of Paris making sure to spread it evenly in the design. Be careful to not break it.
  • Let the tray of and dry with the plaster of Paris design. Make sure it dries fully.
  • Carefully take the plaster of Paris design from the mold and brush out loose sand. 
  • Now paint the mold with colors of your choice to make it beautiful. 
  • Decorate it on the center table in the living room and let everyone appreciate your piece of sand art. 
How Does It Help
* It encourages creativity and imagination in the child. * It encourages habit of thrift and making cheap and good showpieces at home for the home. * A good playtime activity with learning.
A wonderful piece of art for your living room.

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