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Kids Science Activities

Sources of Light
Materials Required
  • Crayons or color pencils

How to do it

  • Ask the child to tell the sources of light. Example sun, candle, torch light, star,lantern etc.
  • There will be good experience from kids. One experience was that my kid said that mobile phone is also a source of light as it emitates light when switched on. Yes of course.
  • Let them draw the sources of light.
  • Also categorize by natural and artificial light. Sun, moon, start, fire etc are natural light. Torch light , tube light are not natural light sources.

What is learnt

  • Drawing and observation.

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shaista, OmanSunday, January 13, 2013
very good source of information

maricris, enrileThursday, November 15, 2012

Ebony, MeltonThursday, September 08, 2011

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