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Kids Play Activities

Splash of colors - Painting

Materials Required
  • Water colours in tube.
  • A light coloured (white or yellow) chart sheet.
How to do it
  • Do it in a bright sunny day.
  • Go out door with your child.
  • Fix the Chart sheets on the wall outside. You can do it also inside the house if your don't mind splling colours in your house.
  • Give them different colours generously.
  • Give them 2 brushes.
  • Let them colour the chart randomly. Children loves this very much.
  • You can see the joy and happiness in yours kids face. Enjoy and share the happiness with your kid.
  • As they colour, tell the name of the colours.

What is learnt

  • Gets familiar with the colours.
  • Better usage of hand muscles when holding the brush.
  • Developmet of Creativity.

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