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Kids Play Activities

Sun made cards

Materials Required
  • Colou Chart Papers.
  • Small objects like shells, flowers, leaves or by pattern making items.
  • Bright Sunshine.

How to do it

  • Choose some of the objects and arrange them on the colour chart paper.
  • Arrange the objects in different patterns on the paper.
  • Leave the paper and its objects in the bright sunshine for several hours.
  • Remove the items.
  • Let the child observe the paper. You could see that the part of the paper covered with the objects are different in colour with that of the other parts of the paper.
  • Now with this chart sheet, a beautiful greeting card may be prepared to greet the child's friends.

It is good for

  • Creativity
  • Patience

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Comments on this article
lala,great, antarcticaSunday, April 17, 2011
great stuff

Rahul, mubaiThursday, January 28, 2010
heard of hand made papers. this sun made card is a very good idea and i tried this with my son. good.

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