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Kids Play Activities

The Best Way To Cross The River
Materials Required
* 4 children, * 4 long logs of wood, * A big room, a long as the 4 logs of wood put together.
How to Do It
  • Ask the children to imagine that the room is a big river.
  • Give each child a log of wood telling him/her the log can be used as a bridge to cross the river.
  • Let each child try crossing with the log, which in most cases will not be able to do.
  • Now suggest that they can take help of friends in crossing the river.
  • Children will experiment with borrowing 1 log, then 2, and ultimately 3 and will sure be able to use their discretion to cross the imaginary river, the room.
How Does It Help
* The art of communication and negotiation is cultivated. * The importance of team building and cooperation is inculcated. * Social skills are cultivated.
The child said, "Now I understand why my parents told me that unity is strength."

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