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Kids Science Activities

An Orange fruit float and sink in water
Materials Required
  • A whole orange fruit
  • A tall glass with water

How to do it

  • Fill the gall glass with water.
  • Let the kid try to immerse the orange in the water.
  • What happens to the orange. Ask the kid to say whether it is floating or sinking.
  • The orange will float in the water.
  • Now ask the kid to take the orange out. Now peel off the skin of the orange.
  • Again ask your kid to put the orange inside the water.
  • What happens now. The orange now sinks in water. 


The peeled off orange sinks, because the skin of the orange is packed with air packets which makes it lesser weight for the water replaced by it. So the whole orage(with the skin) floats in water. whereas the peeled off orange is heavier than the amount of water replaced by it. So it sinks in water.

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