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Kids Science Activities

How I Found Equal Weight Is Not Equal Volume
Materials Required
* Cotton
* Sugar
* Weighing balance
* 2 same size paper bags.
  • Put cotton on one side and sugar on other side of the weighing balance until they weigh equal; the 2 sides of the balance are to be at the same height.
  • Take the 2 paper bags and add the weighed cotton in 1 bag and weighed sugar in the other one. 
  • Observe how much of both the bags are full.      
What is Learnt
* Substances of the same weight need not have same volume.
* Lighter substances have more volume, while heavier substances have less volume.
* The cotton requires more space and the bag with cotton is full and may requires 1 more bag to fill it.
* The sugar easily comes into the paper bag.

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