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Kids Science Activities

A ball floating in the air
Materials Required
  • A medium sized plastic ball.(table tennis ball is ideal for this experiment).
  • An hair dryer

How to do it

  • Switch on the hair dryer with the highest speed.
  • Point the hair dryer upward straight.
  • Now Place the ball above the hair dryer and ask your kid observe what happens to the ball.
  • The ball does not fall down. It floats in the air. Even when the dryer is moved, the ball keeps moving along with the dryer.


The ball floats above the hair dryer as the airflow from the hair dryer pushes the ball upwards. The air flow from the dryer, make the pressure lower where as the air pressure on the other side of the ball is greater. So the outer pressure makes the ball lie inside the coloumn. The same experiment can be done with 2 - 3 balls.

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