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Kids Play Activities

An Educational Nature Walk
Materials Required
* A place to walk that is rich in nature. * Paper bags to pick up things children like.
How to Do It
  • Children go out for a walk in natural surroundings like a park or garden, preferably early in the morning.  
  • Children should enjoy picking up stones, barks of trees, grass, leaves and flowers and put them in the paper bags. 
  • They should be talked to, encouraged to talk about things they see, how they feel, ask questions, show all that they collected to each other and discuss things.
How Does It Help
* Helps in development of language and communication skills. * Helps foster group participation in activities. * Encourages the child to be inquisitive and ask questions. * Helps child know all about nature and its creations.
The child exclaimed,"I now realize nature is beautiful and I should protect it."

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