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Kids Science Activities

Bending of light - Refraction

Materials Required
  • A transparent Glass jar with water
  • A Pencil

How to do it

  • Take the jar and fill it with water.
  • Now place a pencil (which is long enough) inside the jar.
  • Now let the child observe the pencil. you could see a bend in the pencil.
  • TAke the pencil out of the water and see it again. Again let it inside.
  • The bend is seen , because the spped of light decreases in the water. So the pencil appears to be bent, even though it is not actually. This property of light is called refraction.

What is learnt

  • Refraction property of light.

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Comments on this article
Theresa Lee Smith, Garland, TexasWednesday, April 17, 2013
I enjoyed reading this experiment for my preschool students. There is one typo that I really need to know what it is so that I can have the explanation for my students. It is in the last bullet that says: The bend is seen, because the spped ...???

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