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Kids Science Activities

Blow A Candle With A Funnel

Materials Required
* A Candle * A hollow funnel made of card sheet, * Matches to lit the candle.
  • Light the candle and try to blow the candle with the middle portion of the hollow card sheet funnel in line with the candle flame.
  • Then try to blow the candle with the funnel facing upward and then downwards to the candle flame.
  • Lastly try blowing the candle with the circumference of the funnel in line with the candle flame.
  • Make your observations in each case. 
What is Learnt
The candle is blown when the circumference faces the candle flame because there is air movement in the circumference of the funnel only.
The candle gets blown when the candle flame is in line with the circumference of the funnel only and not at other times.

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