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Kids Science Activities

Earth Science - Day and Night Sky
Materials Required
  • A whole day with day and night
  • Crayons and Paper

How to do it

  • Describe the changes that occur during the day as day turns to night and when the night turns to day.
  • Make the children observe the day sky and night sky.
  • Let them also note down the objects seens on the day sky and night sky such as clouds, stars, moon etc.
  • Make them to draw with crayons the day sky and the night sky.
  • Let them classify according the day objects and night objects.
  • Let them observe the sun at sunrise and at sunset.
  • Show them the color change in the sky during sunrise and sunset. This is due to diffraction of light when the sun is at the lowest.


What is learnt

  • Sun supplies heat and light to the earth.
  • Day and night cycle of earth.

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Comments on this article
Senzekile, GroenkloofThursday, November 03, 2011
wow! I think is a most super lesson and it is mostly important because they learn about the cycle of the earth.

Archana, BangaloreMonday, March 08, 2010
Excellent idea for preschoolers to learn practicaly on their own reasoning skills too good

star, bhlSunday, February 07, 2010
kids activity sheet for class nursery to 1

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