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Kids Science Activities

Effects of Color and Heat

Materials Required
* Red, blue, black and white pieces of paper, * Magnifying glass, * Bright sunlight.
  • Take the red piece of paper and focus the sun on it at a point with the help of a magnifying glass for about 5 minutes. 
  • Repeat the same with the blue, black and white pieces of paper. 
  • Observe what happens when the magnifying glass is focussed on each color paper.
What is Learnt
White color reflects all colors and remains cool, while other colors reflect all other color beams than their own color. Black absorbs all color light beams and gets hottest. This is the reason people wear white and light colored clothes in summer and avoid black and dark colors.
The black paper burns first, followed by the red and blue paper and the white paper burns the last. The white paper reflects all colors of light, while the blue reflects the blue light and the red paper reflects the red light. The black paper absorbs all colors, getting hotter and burns faster due to excess heat.

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