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Kids Science Activities

Effects of Shape and Heat
Materials Required
* A ball made of a newspaper sheet * A newspaper sheet folded into quarter size. * A newspaper sheet folded into half. * Magnifying glass
  • Take the newspaper ball and focus the magnifying glass on it for 10 minutes and observe what happens. 
  • Repeat the same with the newspaper sheet folded into quarter its size and the newspaper sheet folded into half and make separate observation of what happens in each case.
What is Learnt
The size and density of material influence the amount of heat absorbed, newspaper ball absorbs most heat, followed by newspaper folded into quarter and newspaper folded into half. This principle is applied in use of small flat-bottomed vessels that transmit heat best while cooking.
The newspaper ball absorbs the most heat as it is well-insulated and does not allow the heat to escape. The newspaper sheet folded into half absorbs the least heat as it allows heat to escape easily. The newspaper sheet folded in quarter loses heat that is more than the newspaper ball but lesser than the newspaper folded into half.

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