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Kids Science Activities

Egg - float or sink
Materials Required
  • A fresh egg
  • A rotten egg (if you keep an egg for long time it should rotten)
  • a bowl with water

How to do it

  • Take a bowl with water, and put the fresh egg into it.
  • Make your child what happens. The egg sinks.
  • Now put the rotten egg in the water. What happens. The egg floats.
  • This is because , in every egg there is a space filled with air. As the eggs gets older, the larger is the space filled with air. This is because the water inside the egg has evaporated through the minute holes in the egg shell. The water that has evaporated is replaced by air, and therefore the egg is lighter and floats in water.

What is learnt

  • Air is ligher than water, that is why the rotten egg floats.
  • Float and sink concept is learnt.

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Comments on this article
padmaja, hyderabadSaturday, February 06, 2010
the article is really useful to kids

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