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Kids Science Activities

Five Senses of Humans

Materials Required
  • A biscuit and a container with a lid.

How to do it

  • Ask the kid to close the eyes.
  • First put the biscuit inside the container and shake it. Ask the kid to guess what it is. The kids should be able to hear the sound. Expalin that she hears the sound with her ears.
  • Then place the biscuit in her hand with her eyes closed. Ask her to feel the shape of the biscuit and guess what it is. Explain that the skin recognises the feel of the object.
  • Then let the child smell the biscuit and guess what it is. It is the nose that is used for smelling.
  • Then give the biscuit to taste it. Now the tongue is tasting it with the taste buds.

What is learnt

Learns about the five senses.
How to use their five senses to identify an object. A object can be identified with any of the five senses. Which part of the body is used to sense differently.

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Comments on this article
s revathy, coimbatore,tamilnadu,indiaTuesday, August 09, 2011
more pictures would excite the child

maria del carmen, tepic nayaritTuesday, December 14, 2010
i like it

Veena Dsouza, E-203 BhThursday, June 24, 2010
Please post pictures for sense organs.

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