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Kids Science Activities

How I Found Out Sound Could Create Motion
Materials Required
Shoe box, Few pieces of thread, Tissue paper, Extra cardboard optional, A music player.
  • Tie some tissue paper on each piece of thread and tie them across the width of the shoe box. 
  • Make Sure to switch off the fans in the room before starting the experiment.
  • Play loud music and hold the box facing the speaker. 
  • Observe what happens to the tissue paper on the threads.
  • Next vary the volume and observe what happens to the tissue on the threads. 
  • Then change the type of music and also note what happens. 
What is Learnt
The movement of the tissue paper varies with vibrations and kind of music, being more with higher vibrations and higher volume. Hence sound has vibrations. This is a good example of conversion of sound energy to motion or mechanical energy.
The tissue paper attached to the thread moves, moving more with high vibration music and with increase of volume.

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