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Kids Science Activities

How I Freeze Dried And Ate A Fresh Apple

Materials Required
* Apples, * Refrigerator, * Knife, * Cake-cooling rack or metal mesh tray.
  • Cut the apples into paper thin pieces and place them on the rack or tray.
  • Avoid discoloration by quickly put the tray in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. 
  • Observe the apple pieces after an hour and continue to observe the the apple pieces for a week till they dry.
  • To test if they are well-dried take a slice out and thaw it. If not completely dry it will turn brown.
  • Have a feel of fresh apple by thawing the apple pieces in warm water and eating them.
What is Learnt
Freeze-drying is a popular preservation technique where drying removes all moisture by sublimation that turns straight from ice to water vapor having less effect on the food’s taste. This process is used in the process of making instant coffee.
The freeze-dried apple looks and tastes just like the original apple.

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