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Kids Science Activities

How I Learnt That Ice Occupied More Space Than Water

Materials Required
* A clear glass * Warm water * An ice cube
  • Fill the glass to the top with warm water and gently put the ice cube in it. Observe what happens to the water level . 
  • Then pour some water into an ice cube tray about ½ the depth and observe what happens to the water level after freezing.
What is Learnt
Ice melts in warm water and does not take up much more space, but ice formed by freezing water occupies more space. This is the reason why water pipes in very cold places burst during the cold winter months, as ice takes up more space than water.
When the ice melts in warm water there is no significant rise in the level of water because water formed by melting ice takes up less space than the ice itself. But when water is frozen ice occupies more space.

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