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How I Learnt The Number Of Parts Of Body

Materials Required
* Number of kindergarten children * A jumbled list with pictures of parts of body and their number. The number will depend on number of children. Such a list can be given with names for bigger children
  • Give each child such a sheet with a pencil and ask him/her to join the number with the respective part of body. 
  • The list could be : 

Body Part.                Number.                                      

Ears.                           10.                                                                       

Head.                           2.                                                              

Eyes.                            1                                                                            

Nose.                           2                                                               

Legs.                           10.                                                            

Fingers.                         2                                                           

Toes.                            2.                                                         

Foot.                             1.                                                          

The answers will naturally be: Ears-2, Head-1, Eyes-2, Nose-, Legs-2, Fingers-10, Toes-10 and Foot-2, 

The game can be repeated with any numbers or colors or anything else. 
How Does It Help
* Children learn to correlate parts of body with numbers.
The child said, "I know the number of parts of the body today, and I will learn everything else in no time."

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