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Kids Science Activities

How I Made My Sundial
Materials Required
* A Sunny day, * A stick, * A few pebbles of chalk to mark, * A watch or clock , * Some play dough.
  • Find the sunniest place in a lawn or sidewalk and stand a stick there. You may use play dough to fix it if you cannot make a hole to stand it.
  • Make note of time from time to time, say once in 3 hours and place a stone at the point it makes a shadow or mark with a chalk.
  • The marking can be done from 7am to 7pm.
  • Now your sundial is complete. 

What is Learnt
People in olden days found time with the shadow of formed that moved from east to west as the sun moved. People used this sundial in ancient days to tell the time. This has been utilized in sun observatories in New Delhi and Jaipur In India.
The shadow moves from the east to the west and at noon will be the smallest. This helps to find out the time.

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